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Before we plunge into Draya Michele’s biography, we’d like to give you a big dose of what Draya fans really crave: listening to Draya Michele’s Interviews and watching her fun and her sexy personality in all of Draya Michele’s Videos!  Check out all of Draya Michele’s Sexy Photos and discover why her smile is so darn charming and her sexy shape.  Also, check out all of Draya Michele’s famous quotes and discover how much Draya is a trending setter!

Draya Michele At A Glance

Draya Michele, a young, loving and charismatic, independent single mother of one, has captured the hearts of America with a heartfelt story of hardships, uphill battles and eventual various steps to success.

Modeling for Draya was a stepping stone to acquire recognition and increase her fan base. She has appeared in magazines including King, Lowrider Girl, the covers of Black Men and Urban Ink. She has modeled for various accessory companies and has high end designer fashion names to her credit as well as ads for contemporary lines such as Two In The Shirt Brand. Draya’s favorite designers are: Christian Louboutin, Louis Vuitton, Dolce & Gabanna, Chanel, Alexander McQueen, Valentino, Diane Von Furstenbrg, Milly, Alice & Olivia, and Herve Leger.

As an Actress, as seen on VH1 Basketball Wives LA, Draya is training with key acting coaches and has delivered riveting performances such as in Sean Garrett’s “Feel Love” Video.

On the Internet, Draya developed her own following from scratch by revealing her captivating personality as “Draya Face” through mediums such as U Stream and Twitter. Her web activity has garnered millions of views and acquired her 298.4 thousand followers, not to mention all of the attention she has received from gossip sites such as Bossip, Media Take Out, TMZ, and Nicole Bitchie.

On Basketball Wives LA, Draya’s role (introduced to one of the existing characters Gloria Govan while in acting class) was to be pinned as the outcast and the bad person (the attractive non basketball wife), but with her no nonsense demeanor and witty winning personality, (delivering catchy facts such as: “Before you were a wife (while you were sleeping with the basket ball player) what where you?”) made her the show’s favorite. It’s that very colorful palette of wits, which America adored and eventually evolved Draya from being the cause of controversy to being the most lovable character on the show, which landed her a solo interview on the Wendy Williams Show.

As an entrapanuer Draya has developed her own resort swimwear line called Mint Swim which is available now

Recently Draya was Introduced as the face and spokes model for cosmetic line SECRET KISSES which offers a pallet of colors and glosses which range from a rainbow of contemporary looks to outlandishly edgy.

Presently, Draya is working on a new clothing line called FAGS, which stands for “Fine Ass Girls.”

You can find Draya on Twitter @drayaface making comedic and interesting comments daily. Check Her portfolio on

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