Draya Michele Fine Ass Girls

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By now, most people have heard the news that four cast members with be cut from the show.  That has stopped BBWLA star Draya Michele from her taking care of business with her upcoming clothing line called FAGS (Fine Ass Girls).  Peep some picture she taken with the new clothing line?


No grind no shine!  Do you like FAGS?  Do you like the name of the clothing line?

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  1. Kuinasha says:

    Love love love wish I could model it.

  2. Angie says:

    I love the idea and cant wait to buy FAGS.!

  3. Ranggha says:

    Love love love. She is indeed beuauiftl and I totally agree about women being WAY to critical of themselves (myself included). I hope she loves these as much as you do (how can she not?!?!).

  4. krakhed says:

    damn draya beez fine az hell. i wonder if she would take a dump in my mouth if i let her.

  5. Lets go Draya the public from i can see like the fine ass girld thing. We r ready to make some purshases. That get cracking sweetsweet hert

  6. SarahxoAis says:

    I love this, when will I be able to purchase items?

  7. Robin says:

    hi, im a huge fan of Draya Michele on BBWLA and just in general. i would love to purchase some FAGS items, however im all the way in south africa. do you guys ship all the way here???????????


  8. Alice says:

    Does anyone know where I can purchase one of these BEANIES!!!! I’ve searched, but have gotten nowhere :(

  9. Kalimah says:

    How can people purchase the fine ass girls hats?

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